better when broken into simplest form

A couple weeks ago my power went out in the middle of the night.  When I left for work the following morning, I didn’t know when it would come back on.  There wasn’t much I could do about the food in my freezer thawing out, though I had the presence of mind to take the bag of ice out and plop it into the kitchen sink.  If the ice was going to melt, I didn’t want it dripping all over the freezer.

When I returned from work the bag of ice had been reduced to a wet, crumpled plastic blob on the bottom of the sink. 

It struck me that those days that the ice was in my freezer, I had been pumping energy into it to keep it frozen.  It took effort to maintain.  When I removed the energy the ice melted into liquid.  If I were to pump more energy into it, I could’ve boiled the water and made steam.

There, in a blob at the bottom of my sink, was baseline water.  Entropy at work. 

In a very small nutshell, entropy is the law of thermodynamics that explains how things degenerate from order to chaos.  It’s molecularly more comfortable and uses the minimum amount of energy possible.

Sense –> non-sense

Fresh –> rotten

In the case of my closet, folded –> unfolded.

It’s really no wonder why nothing is ever perfect.  Given enough time, the hardest stone crumbles and the hottest flame burns out.  What we try so hard to keep in order would prefer to blob in the sink if it had its own way.


I’m not one to battle the immovable laws of physics.

I am choosing to embrace the imperfect parts of my life.  Like homemade bread, the charm of life is in the distinctive imperfections.  A camping trip where some things go wrong is more memorable than where things go exactly as planned.  The knotted wood of an old rocking chair has more charisma than a plastic replica that will last 500 years, and the authentic repentance of a prodigal is more sincere than the public prayer of a pharisee.


To be practical, I’ll still fold my clothes and keep ice in my freezer.  I’ll wrestle entropy on the little things so that my home doesn’t become a huge dirt pile, but when it comes to me, I’m better when broken into the simplest form.


2 Responses to “better when broken into simplest form”

  1. 1 mom
    November 12, 2008 at 6:10 am


    I enjoyed reading this blog. Amazing how such deep thoughts can come from a puddle of melted ice!


  2. 2 Becca
    December 12, 2008 at 7:53 am

    I have this indellible image of Glen C’s T-shirt, ORDER>0rd&r>c(h@0s>CHAOS in green globby letter, for some reason. This entry was great — downright quotable, in fact!
    (PS, any camping trips in particular that you had in mind? 😉

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