saturday morning water torture




The sound of hard rain on my wall unit air conditioner signals the beginning of warm weather.  From November through March it’s totally silent when it snows around here.  But with the warmer weather comes thunderstorms and rain that runs off the roof.  It wakes me up.

When I want to sleep, it’s like water torture.




This morning I gave up and moved to the living room to sleep on my couch.  As if that was going to be better? 

tick  tock

tick  tock

tick  tock

I could hear the second hand of my wall clock.  I heard my early-bird upstairs neighbors walking around.  The sun was rising and glinting in the raindrops stuck on the outside of my windows. 

I started thinking about coffee.  It would have been lovely to smell coffee brewing, but I wanted someone else to do it.  At last roll call, I was the only one in my apartment.  Sigh.  How much does hiring a coffee-making butler cost?  But that’s all I would want to pay him for…and just for today.  Any takers?

My eyes were heavy and closed, though my mind was all over creation.  My brain was connecting dots, chaotically connecting dots.  I’ve been making life altering decisions recently.  I couldn’t blame the rain or the clock for my sleeplessness.  I curled into the smallest ball that I could and wondered why I opted for the sagging cushions of the couch over my bed.  Oh yes…the tinking.  Another dot, connected.

My spirit was aggitated and the sun hadn’t been up for five minutes.  Saturday mornings are supposed to be restful, right?  “At least you’re not a farmer who has to get up and milk the cows,” my brain chimed in.  Yet another dot, connected.

Thanks, brain, for reminding me that my biggest immediate problem was that I wasn’t smelling coffee when I wanted to.  It was 6:30am — I hadn’t officially gotten up for the day — and my brain was coaching my heart to chill out. 

I did eventually uncurl and make myself some coffee and shower.  By 9am I had “humanized” and morphed back into normal-Kari…however ‘normal’ she is.




2 Responses to “saturday morning water torture”

  1. 1 Becca
    April 14, 2008 at 2:38 am

    I really like how you switched up styles, Kari! Great entry!!
    (Farming WOULD be worse for early morning hours, you’re right there. I’ll be reminding myself of what to be thankful for… =)

  2. 2 Kristin
    April 20, 2008 at 12:18 am

    Kari, my friend, you need a fan to drown out the noise a la college days or those precious Tuscarora “day off” days.

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